Jan Tao, Composer

Jan started taking Piano lessons at young age. He realized with time that playing other people´s music was not enough for him so he started improvising and creating his own compositions.

In addition to Piano he plays other instruments such as the Handpan.

His music is influenced by many journey through Asia and speaks of mystic and meditative experiences on his path.

In his professional life Jan teaches different forms of Martial Arts, Chi Kung, KunlunSystem™, Taoist Meditation in his Academy in Germany and gives seminars in many countries. He is dedicated to the Taoist practices, as they are an integral part of his life.

“For me the Asian Martial and Spiritual Arts have been a reliable source of enthusiasm and inspiration since childhood. On my spiritual path, I met many wonderful friends, teachers and masters who supported me generously and lovingly and shared their knowledge with me. I merely see myself as a facilitator and feel that teaching first and foremost means learning.”

He uses music as a tool to connect with oneself and to amplify the results of the practice.


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